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Why ‘My Sisterwife's Closet’?

Why ‘My Sisterwife's Closet’?

I was asked recently why I named our store ‘My Sisterwife's Closet’ and it really made me put into words the thoughts I had so many years ago when I first started dreaming about this business.

The name ‘My Sisterwife's Closet’ came from the idea of the closet, because I always felt like that was where a person's story could be found.

When I was a girl, my mom's closet was a wonder. It was my favorite place to go and hide and discover her treasures - to discover her story. I would look at her wedding dress hanging in the special bag, try on all her shoes, maybe find a hidden gift, touch her scarves, look at old pictures, smell her perfume and look at all her jewelry.  Sometimes she would come into her room when I was there snooping and tell me her stories – all neatly tucked and hanging into her closet. It helped me to know and understand her, not just as my mother, but as a woman. I treasure those memories.

I love to know a person's story. I like to know who they are and what molded them into that person; what inspires them and what makes them feel like getting up in the morning. I feel that a person's jewelry tells a story - why you bought it; or if a gift, who gave it and what that relationship was; or who passed down the piece. It is all part of your story and your story is important.

I also wanted to use the word ‘sisterwife’ for a reason that is important to me. When I was young, I hid my religion from all my friends and only told my closest friend finally when we were in 7th grade during a teen-sleepover-confessional-to-your-BFF kind of thing. I remember being so scared to tell her. She was so sweet and easy about it. As I grew up, I realized more and more that the words polygamy, plural marriage and sisterwife (it is one word) were dirty and taboo to the rest of the world. To me, they were my life. My mom's sisterwives loved me as their own and polygamy or plural marriage described my family. I remember my mom would say my sister-you-know-what when she was in public just to be careful. When we started the show ‘Sister Wives’, it was almost hard for me to be okay with the title of the show. The word was so sacred to me, but so negative to the rest of the world.

When I started dreaming about this business, I really wanted to use the word ‘sisterwife’. I wanted to help give the word a positive connotation. It is a special word to me.  I love my sisterwives and our relationship is unique and irreplaceable. I love when I hear the words sisterwife/sisterwives being used out in the world in a positive, cute way as I did on a TV show the other day, it was a delight – all the sisterwives from generations past would be very pleased!

Come see our current designs and register on our site to receive notifications for new jewelry designs coming soon!  #MySisterwifesCloset

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Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration

My Sisterwife’s Closet was originally my dream, but Meri was supportive from the very beginning and she and I worked well together. She really liked my dream of making sure our pieces were made in America, were hand-crafted and high quality. I continued to push to have Kody, Christine and Janelle work with us too, because I really wanted the experience of working on a big project together. 

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Continue Living, Choose to Keep Going

Continue Living, Choose to Keep Going

UPDATE: Designs have been released and are available!



Where do I begin?  How do I even talk about this subject?  I know that is the reason why I must.  It is one of those taboo subjects that is whispered about in corners with shocked and disappointed looks.  Until someone you know and love decides to end their own life and it leaves you devastated, heartbroken and lost and suddenly the word suicide is tattooed in your brain and it becomes a part of YOUR life.

I could think of nothing else.  It was the nightmare I couldn't awake from.  How could someone I loved and cared about feel like they didn't want to live anymore and actually take the actions to end their own life?  Did I fail?  How did I not see it?  What could I have done differently to prevent it?  How could they be so selfish and not realize what the aftermath would be?  Was it really selfishness or were they just in a place so dark that they couldn't climb out by themselves?  How do I mourn and be angry at someone in the same minute?  How could anyone get into a place in their head that not living is an answer?  How is life ever the same?  These thoughts plague me and still catch me off guard and leave me in pieces some days.

As I later read the suicide note, I was surprised about how much responsibility my loved one was taking in what he was about to do.  I have been puzzled about how a person can get to that place.  I guess those are the questions… aren't they?  How?  Why?  I have started to realize there isn't really just one answer.  There are many.  Whether it be clinical depression, situational depression, anxiety, a broken heart, fear, pain or confusion - it is all hard.  Life can be hard, but there is ALWAYS help.  I wish my loved one would have realized that.  I remember what I was doing the night he was alone writing his letter and ending his life.  The thought takes my breathe away.  I wish so bad he would have picked up the phone and called me!  I would have done anything I could to help him!  I wish I could have been there that day to tell him…

“…cont;nue living, choose to keep go;ng...”

Just one more day... and then when that day is done to go one more not give up!   I wish I could have stayed there by his side and helped him while he waded through those tough emotions and offered him hope.

Awareness needs to be brought to this subject.  It needs to be talked about OUT LOUD!  Even now as I write this, I am being careful about how much I disclose so I can protect his family.  If this wasn't such a taboo subject, then maybe more deaths could be prevented.  More people need to realize there is help, there are resources, and it is okay to ask for that help.  There is always people that care, more than you can even realize. 

I have designed a piece of jewelry in honor of my loved one and his family.  You will see it later this month. A portion of every sale will be donated to ‘Project Semicolon’.  The semicolon helps a sentence not to end but to keep it going.  It is a symbol to help remind people to remember that their story isn’t over.  In this experience of losing him, I have realized the subject of suicide needs more light, more awareness.  I hope this piece I have designed will help do that. 

I have thought of my loved one throughout the design process.  I hope he is pleased with what I have designed for him.  I pray that maybe it can give someone hope and help them choose to keep go;ng, because their story needs to cont;nue.  Every life counts! 


Suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255

~ Dedicated to those we have lost and those who have been left behind. ~

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